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Speaker & Event Request Form

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Event Name:
Event Date:
Event Time:
Event Street Address:
Telephone at Location:
Expected Time of Arrival:
Is the event indoors or outdoors:   Indoors         Outdoors
Green Dallas Role:
  Booth, Exhibitor, Tabling
  Classroom Teaching
Length of Speech/Presentation (if applicable):    minutes
Desired topic:
Typical topics covered by City of Dallas environmental staff include, but are not limited to:
Animal Care/Adoption
Animals and the Environment
Air Quality
Alternative Commutes
Climate Change
Community Gardens
Electronics Recycling
Energy Conservation
Environmental Management Systems
Floodway Systems
Grease Abatement
Green Purchasing
Greening Your Business
Health and Environment
How you can help
Hybrids/Green Vehicles
Lakes and Streams
Parks/Green Space
Pollution Prevention
Protecting Rivers / Aquatic Life
Trinity River
Trinity River Corridor Project
Water Conservation
Be specific – age groups/descriptions. Different groups have different needs and perspectives. Please note, children will need to be supervised during the event. Our outreach programs are best suited for ages five and up.
Example: Students 5-6 years old; business leaders; middle school teachers; etc.
How many people are expected to attend this event?
If you have more than one age group, please estimate the expected number for each age group.
Will we be able to access the internet from the event location?  Yes        No
What resources will be available to us at the event location?
 Microphone        Computer        Projector        Projector Screen
Has the City participated in this event before?  Yes        No
Please describe your event and your goals as well as how our involvement will help you achieve them.

Our mission at the City is to educate all residents on the efforts we are putting forward as an organization.  As a result, we are only able to provide materials at events at which we are involved so we can ensure the City’s complete message of environmental stewardship and sustainability is represented and any questions are answered in accordance with our mission. 

We will bring age appropriate materials for the audience you indicated above.  

While we do our best to accommodate every request, personnel and resources are limited. We will strive to meet your needs but we process requests on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be available for your event on short notice during certain times of the year. Not all topics are available to all age groups.
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