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Anti-Idling Sign Request Form
for Educational Institutions

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The City of Dallas, Office of Environmental Quality is providing a limited number of anti-idling signs for elementary schools located within the city of Dallas. Anti-idling brochures are also available for schools to distribute to bus drivers, parents, and businesses that make deliveries to the school.

The City of Dallas anti-idling ordinance prohibits certain vehicles weighing over 14,000 lbs from idling for more than 5 minutes.

Please provide the information requested below:

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* Requesting School:

    * First Name:

    * Last Name:

    * Title:

    * Phone Number:


    * Street Address:

Signs requested?   Yes      No         How Many?  
Posts requested?   Yes      No         How Many?  

Signs and posts will not be delivered. Please make arrangements to transport your signs
when they are ready to be picked up. We will contact you when they are available.

POSTS ARE 12 FEET LONG. The signs can be attached to existing poles, fences, or any place you deem fit.
If you would like a post, please make sure that you have a way to transport it.

Would you like anti-idling brochures?   Yes      No        How Many? (Limit of 100 per school)  

If you have additional questions or air quality needs, please share them with us below.
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